A revolutionary new singing show format

Telemedia InteracTV, the world’s largest producer of live, revenue-generating, interactive TV shows entered into a strategic partnership with Creighton Ltd. to offer the U-Star TV show format to Telemedia’s 70+ TV channel partners and customers in Europe and in the Americas.

Most TV talent shows are very similar, right? They queue, audition, and then sing in front of a group of celebrity judges. Well, there is an exception… The U-Star singing talent show is much more than this. The new offering of Telemedia (www.u-star.tv) is the first multi-screen talent competition that starts on a smart phone - engaging millions of smartphone users to participate in and interact with the TV show.


U-Star brings the fast pace and interactivity far beyond just voting. This is what younger generation and smart phone users require and which no other talent show could offer to-date. Therefore U-Star singing talent show generates tremendous social media hype! The best possible marketing campaign for any TV before the show starts as well as during the show.

U-Star has already aired in the Philippines and has been licensed to Vietnam. With the partnership agreement signed by Telemedia and Creighton Ltd this August in Budapest, U-Star mobile and TV contests will be now available for smartphone enthusiast singers in several European and American countries. This fresh, new concept quickly become a hit with young generations producing a wealth of user generated content and exciting interactivity.
This is a new genre of multi-screen entertainment.


To apply for the talent show each applicant records their Karaoke Singing with the U-Star mobile app. They will upload this broadcast quality video to the U-Star website and will immediately inform their friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsup and many other ways. They do it to collect votes from their friends to support them to be selected to appear in the TV show.


When 50.000 applicants notifies their 2.000 social media connection to vote, it means 100.000.000 notifications before the show start! Huge! The best marketing campaign for a TV show!


As in all popular talent shows - the viewers can vote via the app. But at U-Star there is a huge advantage: viewers can become active participants by recording their own performance on their smartphone with the U-Star app and challenge the contestants on air! So you can sing better than them? U-Star gives you the chance to prove it!

U-Star conceived and developed by Creighton Strategies Ltd is a witty show, a cool app, and a hot concept. It merges the prestige of a primetime TV show with the reach and interactivity of the smartphone, creating unexpected twist and turns and generating tremendous social media hype. The auditions become easily available for everyone from any location, 24/7 through any connected smartphone. The U-Star mobile application - available during the TV show on Android and IOS - turns any ordinary smartphone into a powerful Talent Contest Platform. No travel costs or time problems.