The world`s largest producer of
live, revenue-producing, interactive shows

Unique and unrivalled expertise based on 15+ years` experience

Generating huge revenues for the biggest TV channels globally

Constant innovation in formats and technology

Content that entertains and retains audiences as well as building profit

Full turnkey solution for our partners

Maximizing reach with online and mobile in the fast evolving new digital environment

Engage your Audience

Our shows will engage and attract an audience in off-prime time slots, while the multi-screen nature of our content will engage them 24/7.

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Maximise Revenue

Telemedia has generated significant profits for our partners worldwide since 1999. Use our programming to garner the most revenue from your time slots.

Harness our Expertise

With a multi-lingual, multi-disciplined team working round the clock, we are experts in all aspects of our business. From production to customer care, finance, compliance and marketing, we handle everything for you. It’s a total solution.

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Telemedia World Coverage

Our shows have been broadcasted on many of the world`s largest TV channels, in over 20 languages. The red areas on the map show the countries where Telemedia`s live shows have been aired.


V-Tele, Canada
Tony Porrello - Executive Vice President

"The show Telemedia produces for us has a huge following in Canada and has contributed to our revenues significantly...”

Sanoma Entertainment, Finland
Elina Mustelin - Senior Vice President (TV)

“Telemedia’s dedication and professionalism to produce the daily live shows for our three nationwide channels is something to really admire...”

3 Plus Group AG, Switzerland
Torsten Prenter - Executive Vice President

"After more the three years, almost 41 months and 1200 live shows produced for 3+ by Telemedia, we couldn't be happier with the service we've received..."

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