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Spiritum.com is a global online platform where users can connect in their native language with internationally-recognized psychics through video chat, giving the users a unique, real-time experience. Each day, our members log in for advice and guidance that’s personalized for them and their lives. We offer free chat to everyone who visits our website and unlimited free chat to our members, allowing them to get to know our psychics and choose the one whose style and approach will best suit their needs. Once they have chosen the best psychic, users can request a reading and enjoy a two-way private video chat, where they can connect with the psychic for an in-depth reading.

We recruit only the very best, real and authentic local talent in each country and we continually monitor to ensure the highest standards. Our psychics never use pre-prepared scripts and we don’t accept fakes!

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Spiritum.com Features

A live video chat service for psychics and astrologers, Spiritum operates in a number of markets and connects psychics directly with clients through video and voice chat.

Direct, face to face connection

24/7 support

Pioneering technology